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Dwellings were whitewashed as a daymark (52m above water) from 1914

Engine Room

The house on the left houses the Engines or Generators which kept power going on the station and were used in emergencies if  there was a power cut.  There is one generator left.  The beds for the other two is under the seating.  They were powered by diesel oil.

Video The Land is the Danger

This film was made by Norris Davidson for RTE in the 1970s.  It is an historically important film showing all the procedures and tasks carried out by lighthouse keepers in the heyday of the Irish Lights Service.  Now all the lighthouses are automated.  Their original Fresnel lens lights have been changed to LED.  Many of the essential tasks are no longer needed with GPS and satellites giving up to the minute information. Most of the old equipment was dumped in the sea when it became obsolete.

Paraffin Barrel

This silver painted metal barrel came from Rock Island Lighthouse Houses and has the CIL name on it.

Electrical Switches/ Regulating Transformer

The primary mains electrical distribution equipment has been superseded by modern trip switches.  The regulating transformer kept electricity at the right voltage.  It is only in the last few years that there is a steady voltage. Before, when there was a high demand for power further up the peninsula, the power at Mizen could be very weak.

Signalling Flags

The international signalling flags were used to communicate with passing ships without any language barriers before the advent of radio. A manual provided to meanings of the flags and a whole conversation could take place.  There were flags for all the letters of the alphabet and numbers up to 10. Each flag has a special meaning.  The flags on the walls: on the left means: I need medical assistance and on the right means: I am carrying a dangerous cargo.


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