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BK01 | Keepers' Kitchen

BK01 | Keepers' Kitchen

After the automation of Mizen Head ignal Station in 1993 the Keepers were made redundant.  The Keepers' Quarters and the Engine Room were the first buildings developed in 1993-4 by Mizen Tourism Co-operative Society Ltd. as the visitor centre Mizen Vision!


KITCHEN  This was the heart of a Keeper's life during his four weeks.  There is a stove with old pots and pans from an earlier age.  All the furniture in the Irish Lights lighthouses was made by Irish Lights craftsmen.  There are plans in the archives for  the manufacture of  everything from stools, dressing tables, wardrobes, tables and dressers.



The clock timed the beacon in conjunction with all the lighthouses.

Displays of Memorabilia & Logs

Every task in the Signal Station performed by the Keepers had to be recorded.  As the lives of sailors depended on the functions of the Light and Fog Signal, the Commissioners of Irish Lights had to ensure that everything was in perfect working order all the time.   See Keepers’ Lists of Tasks, Records etc.


Bridge Competition/Radio Beacon Plans

The plans for the 1931 Radio Beacon show the concrete plinths on either side of the gorge in use. It went into operation on January 1st 1931 and cost £10,016.19s.2d.

The Competition for the Bridge attracted many solutions.




Aids to Navigation

Radio Beacon

Kelvin Radio

24 hour listening watch radio/telephone and VHF

Racon Beacon No. 0178

Position 51°27’.05N 9°48’.80W

Located 070°, 475m from Lighthouse

Established 01/01/1931 Character: Continuous MZ-- --..x3      13 secs

Long Dash -----   45 secs

Silent                2 secs

Total               60 secs

Range: 100 nautical miles.  Frequency: 300,000kHz. Emission type: AIA

Racon Beacon 196  

Height: 192’ Range: 28 miles. Continuous Transmission

Geographical position: 51°27’N 09°49’W Azimuth Coverage: All round.

NAVSTAR DGPS installed 1992 300.50kHz Range 52miles.

The following stations formed a group starting transmissions as

Barra Head                                        on the hour

Tory Island                                        1 minute post hour

Eagle Island                                      2 minutes post hour

Mizen Head                                       3 minutes post hour

Round Island                                    4 minutes post hour

Créach d’Ouessant                         5 minutes post hour

Each transmits for 55 secs at intervals of 6 minutes so providing a continuous service from the group.  Group frequency: 308kHz Note frequency: 1052Hz

Clock and AGA Transmitter Unit

Radio Beacon

Calibration Beacon

Transmits on request only. Beacon established: 1971. Range: 5 miles Frequency: 312,6kHz

Signal Character: ZC--..-.-. x2                                  5 secs

Long Dash ----                    10 secs

Total period                       15 secs


Radio Beacon

Amplidan 15770 Keyed carrier – no modulation Range 100 nautical miles Frequency 300 kHz.


MZ 3 times    13 secs

Long dash     45 secs

Silent              2 secs

Total Period 60 secs.

Racon Ericon Mk I ‘X’ & ‘S’ band frequency agile

Power supply One Lister TS2 6kVA 220V single phase 2 wire 0.8 pf mains fail set

Remote monitoring Datac System 900 RTU/Motorola

The Station is a ‘Sub-central’ which sends indications from Mizen Head, Fastnet and Sheeps Head to the CIL Office & Lighthouse Depot.

Communications Radio Telephone VHF Marine Sailor 144

P.S.T.N Telephone 028-35472 1 in Lighthouse, 1 in Radio Beacon House, 1 in Messroom

Explosive Fog SignaL ESTABLISHED 3/5/1909 Discontinued 21/2/77

Light established 1/10/1959

Commendation for Richard Foran PK who rescued Charles Haughey and his crew when his yacht Taurima was washed into the gulley beyond the Workmen’s House.


Two Captain’s Chairs 1 from Rock Island and 1 was always in the kitchen. 1 Table and Cupboards.  All made to the plans of the Irish Lights.


CIL Ware This ware has the CIL crest. It is all different ages, styles and manufacturers. Some is pre 1922.  The ware is very scarce as it was always collectable.


CIL Flag The present flag displays the St. Patrick Cross.  The old flag displayed the St. George Cross.  The flag in the Kitchen is the Northern Irish Flag.  The St. George Flag is in the Engine Room and the St. Patrick Cross is in the Keeper’s Bedroom.


Racon Beacon Transponder Unit Type 2A Serial no. 288. Aerial Type 5.



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