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AC05 | Map and Lighthouses on the Southwest Coast of Ireland

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AC05 | Map and Lighthouses on the Southwest Coast of Ireland

Map showing the Lighthouses and navigational marks round Ireland

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Key to the Irish Lighthouse Postcards published by John Eagle.  Unlike in these days of drone photography, John had to depend on cadging lifts with helicopters which provisioned the lighthouses and transported the Keepers to and from their  tours of duty.  He managed to take photographs of all the Irish Lighthouses on the whole island of Ireland over a period of over ten years.

Lighthouses of the Southwest Ireland

Roche’s Point, Co. Cork

No. 25A in John Eagle’s Irish Lighthouse postcard series

mizen guide

Sited on the north shore at the mouth of Cork Harbour, this lighthouse went automatic in March 1995. The original small tower, established in 1817, was taken down and rebuilt in Duncannon.  The foghorn is electric. Height of light: 30m Range White 20 nautical miles Red 16 nautical miles FL W/R 3s


The Old Head of Kinsale, Co. Cork

No. 5B in the Irish Lighthouse Series

Sited on the southernmost tip of the Old Head of Kinsale.  A cottage light with a brazier on the roof was built in 1665.  It was replaced in 1814 by a lighthouse.  Present tower established in 1853.  It was painted black and white in 1930.  Automated in 1987.  Height of light: 72m Range of light: 20 nautical miles.  Fl(2) W 10s

Galley Head, Co. Cork

No.4 in the Irish Lighthouse postcard series

The lighthouse was established on January 1st 1878.  It stands on Dunready Island, a headland of sheer cliffs 5 miles from Rosscarbery.  In 1979 it was converted to automatic.  The light is 53m above sea level at high tide and has a range of 23 miles.  Fl(5) W 20s

Copper Point Lighthouse

No. 47 in the Irish Lighthouse series

The beacons leading into Schull harbour on Goat Island and Copper Point (Long Island) were completed in July 1864.  In 1972 the inspecting committee of the Irish Lights recommended that a light should be erected on Copper Point beacon.  This was approved in 1974 and established on June 1st 1977.  Cork County Council provided leading lights into the harbour.  Height of light: 16m. Range: 8 nautical miles. Q(3) W 10s

Fastnet Lighthouse, Co. Cork

No 3A and 2c in the Irish Lighthouses postcard series.


Sited on a rock 4 miles off Cape Clear., the lighthouse was built 1899-1903. Made of Cornish Stone, it replaced the original from 1854, the black stump which can be seen on the rock.  It was called The Teardrop of Ireland by emigrants passing on their way to America.  It is also famous for the Fastnet Yacht Race.  Height of light: 49m Range of light: 27 miles Fl W 5s

Crookhaven, Co Cork

No.16  in the Irish Lighthouse Series

A harbour light at the entrance to Crookhaven Harbour. It was sanctioned by Trinity House in October 1838.  The light was first exhibited on August 4th 1843, In December 1964 the light was changed.  Height of light: 20m.  Range: White 13 nautical miles Red 11 nautical miles.  LFl WR 6s

Mizen Head, Co. Cork

No. 6B in the Irish Lighthouse Series

Est. 1900 as a fog signal station.  Radio beacon 1931.  Light first lit in 1959. Automated April 1st 1993. Open to the public from June 1994 as Mizen Vision! Ireland’s most south westerly point.  Height of Light: 52m. Range: 15 nautical miles ISO W 4s


Sheeps Head

No.34 In the Irish Lighthouse series


Sited at the southern tip of Bantry Bay, the lighthouse was built in 1968 as a result of the development of Whiddy Island as an oil terminal.  It warns mariners about the submerged South Bullig rocks off Three Castle Head.  Height of Light: 83m.  Range: White 18 nautical miles Red 15 nautical miles. Fl (3) WR 15s

The Bull Rock, Co. Cork


No. 8 and 32A in the Irish Lighthouse postcard series

In 1882 the rock was purchased from Queen Victoria for a nominal sum work began on building the lighthouse. Replacing the Dursey Island light, set up when the Calf Rock Lighthouse was destroyed in a storm, this lighthouse was established on January 1st 1889. It was converted from oil gas to vapourised paraffin in June  28th 1910. It was electrified on August 21st 1974 and Helicopter reliefs started in 1969. The Bull attracts many sea birds including Fulmars, Kittiwakes, Storm Petrels, Razorbills, Guillemots and Puffins.  Height of light: 91m   Range: 18 nautical miles. Fl W 15s

Calf Rock, Co. Cork

No. 18 in the Irish Lighthouse series

Situated near Dursey Island this lighthouse was made of granite blocks surrounded by cast iron plates with a 6” cavity. It was established on June 30th1866.  It was destroyed by a violent storm on November 27 1881.  Height of light: 18m.  Range of light:  W 11 nautical miles.  R 9 nautical miles      Red (reduced) 5 nautical miles. Fl WR 3s

Ardnakinna, Co. Cork

No.7 in the Irish Lighthouse Series.

A beacon to mark the western entrance to Castletownbere was suggested in 1847.  Construction of a tower at Ardnakinna on Bere Island started in 1850.  The tower was capped in 1868.  A new light was established in November 1965.  Height of light: 62m Range: White 17 nautical miles Red 14 nautical miles.   Fl (2) WR 10s

Roancarrigmore, Co. Cork

No. 1 in the Irish Lighthouses postcard series

Situated at the eastern entrance to Berehaven, this lighthouse was built in 1847.   On April 30th 2012 a new state of the art lighthouse was lit.  It is a stainless steel tower with LED lights and 12 x 50watt solar panels.  Over the years is has alerted the crews of battleships oil tankers, Russian factory ships as well as local fishermen about the hazardous rocks.  Automated September 3rd 1975.  Height of light: 18m.  Range: W 11 nautical miles.  R 9 nautical miles   Red (reduced) 5 nautical miles   Fl WR 3s


Castletown Directional Light, Castletownbere, Co. Cork

No.48 in the Irish Lighthouse series

Established in 1965 in the place of a former unlit rear lead daymark.  Height of Light: 7m.  Range: Night 15 nautical miles. Red and Green 12 nautical miles. Day White 4 nautical miles Red and Green 2 nautical miles.  DIR Oc WRG 5s (24 hours)


Skellig Michael, Co. Kerry

No. 19A in the Irish Lighthouse series

Originally there were 2 lighthouses established in 1826.  The upper light was discontinued in May 1870 when Inishtearaght was established. The lower light (in picture) was completely rebuilt, modernised and re established on May 25th 1967. See the full story of the lighthouse at www.irishlights.ie/tourism/ourlighthouses/skelligs-rock/aspx   Height of Light: 53m  Range: 12 nautical miles  Fl (3) 15s

Cromwell Point Lighthouse

No. 11  in the Irish Lighthouse series

The light was first sanctioned in 1837 and was finally exhibited on February 1st 1841. The lighthouse was given an electric light on July 8th 1966.  The lighthouse was automated in 1947.  Height of light: 16m. Range|: White 17 nautical miles Red 15 nautical miles. Fl WR 2s

Valentia Directional Light

Two unlighted beacons were built in 1891 to guide vessels away from Harbour Rock on the northern  entrance to Valentia Harbour. The beacons were lighted on May 1st 1913.  The front light was converted to an electric direction light in 1967.  The back light was discontinued but reinstated in 1977.  A new light was established on February 26 2011. The light is shown 24 hours.  Height of light: 25 m  Range: White 11 nautical miles (night) 3 nautical miles (day) Red and Green 8 nautical miles (night) 2 nautical miles (day) Dir Oc WRG 4s 24 hr

Inishtearaght, Blasket Islands, Co. Kerry

No 30A in the Irish Lighthouse series

Rising dramatically out of the sea like a majestic pyramid, this outer Blasket Island is just visible from Slea Head.  On its slopes is the most westerly railway in Europe. It was used to raise provisions for the lighthouse keepers.  The picture shows the Great Blasket and Dingle in the background. A new light was brought into operation in 2003.  The full story of the building of the lighthouse is well worth reading   www.irishlights.ie/tourism/ourlighthouses/inishtearaght.aspx  Height of light: 84 m.  Range of light: 19 nautical miles.  Fl(2) 20s

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