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AM01 | Display of Recovery of the SS Irada Propellor

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AM01 | Display of Recovery of the SS Irada Propellor

When the SS Irada foundered on the cliffs at Mizen Head  in 1909, the keepers in the brand new Signal Station rescued most of the crew and passengers.  Four people lost their lives including Captain Roberts and a stewardess. Immediately the agent set up a salvage operation.  The manganese bronze propellor was strapped to the side of the salvage boat.  But as they went round the point the prop was pulling the boat down and they had to let it go to the seabed again.   Many years later it was found and a group of divers tried to loosen the bolts on one of the aileron, but they couldn't shift them and the prop was left there.   When Mizen Tourism started developing the visitor attraction in 1993, two West Cork divers, Paddy O'Sullivan and Ray White, decided to raise the prop as an exhibit. They marked the position with large buoys. It is so heavy that the only vessel capable of raising it from the seabed was the ILV Granuaile.  At that time the ship maintained the southern buoys every other year.  The first year she tried the prop became lodged in the complex rocks of the seabed. On the next occasion Capt. McGinley had sailed past when the divers contacted him, but he returned and lifted it onto the deck. He took it round to a quay in Adrigole where Frank Hurley picked it up and took it to the Mizen.  Unfortunately the aileron that had been loosened fell off in the lift.  Several years later in 2003 Mizen divers, Michael Barry and his friend found the aileron and, with difficulty, brought it round to Galley Cove. It was put on the low loader and brought to Mizen Head.  Local engineer, Herman Voss RIP, attached the aileron to the boss of the propellor with new screws he  had manufactured.  He was ill when he undertook the job and died soon after that job was completed. He was a very talented German engineer who settled in Goleen with his family in the 1970s. It is wonderful example of community effort.   The photos show Capt. McGinley and his crew, Irish Lights, Paddy O'Sullivan, Ray White,  Michael Barry and Simon Nelson.


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